Life in plastic, not so fantastic! Meet our high school student Mathias Deldicque

In order to introduce you to our student and his science project, we have decided to ask him a few questions.

Charlie: « Good Morning Mathias, thanks you for being here and accepting to talk about your work. Can you tell me more about yourself? »

Mathias : « Hello Charlie,  

My name is Mathias Deldicque, and I am a 12th grader at Benjamin Franklin International School. I have many hobbies including running and playing basketball. »

Charlie : « Why did you decide to work on this project? »

Mathias : «  I decided to perform this experiment as I am extremely concerned about the way we are treating our environment, and the negative affects our actions are having on ecosystems. »

Charlie :  » What are your expectations for the future ? »

Mathias : « My experiment could help me discover the severity of plastic pollution in Barcelona. I hope to get more involved in prevention of plastic pollution and to present my experiment to local organizations to spread awareness of plastic pollution. »

Charlie : « Thanks for everything Mathias »

I am now please to share withyou the final paper :  » Identification and Qualification of Microplastics in Beach Sand Near Barcelona (Northwest of Mediterranean Sea) After and Before Covid-19 (2019-2022) »

Microplastics Report


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